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Godfrey Holdstock

Da dove scrive: England
Data recensione: 01/10/2017

Godfrey Holdstock 1 October 2017 I cannot speak too highly of Cristian Buttafuoco. I would trust him with ANYTHING. We first met Cristian 3 years ago when we came to Tropea and stayed in his holiday apartment.

He met us at the airport and took us to collect a hire car. He then accompanied us to the villa, and just as we thought we would have to go out in the dark in a strange town, his mother appeared with dishes of hot food, which she repeated on a number of occasions during our stay! Throughout our holiday Cristian helped us to find and organise everything. Last year we decided that as we had enjoyed Tropea so much we wanted to buy a property there.

Of course, we contacted Cristian, who sent us a selection of options. In February I flew out, when Cristian again met me at Lamezia, and invited me to stay in his little house for 3 days. He took me round the apartments I had said I would like to see, until I found one that my wife and I wanted to buy. During this time I had meals with his family in their home. I returned in June, again met by Cristian, who introduced me to the excellent Tony Blasa, with whom I arranged all the furnishing and fitting of our lovely flat.

Cristian devoted a whole day to taking me round different shops to fully equip the apartment. He was very helpful in all liaisons necessary for purchases. Cristian joked that for him selling a property was the easy part; the difficult bit was afterwards! Sure enough, over more than a year since, he has continued to give us all the assistance imaginable.

He is quick to send and respond to emails and phone calls, giving clear and invaluable advice and instructions. He has helped us in the involved process of becoming residents of Tropea, coming with us to the Municipio, and visiting offices and making arrangements before and after our stay this time.

He helped us in finding and buying a car, again taking on himself the responsibility for obtaining documents, tax and insurance. We could not have done any of what had to be done without Cristian, who is unfailingly calm and cheerful, totally reliable, and for whom nothing is too much trouble. A true guide, companion and friend!