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Allisa Imming

Da dove scrive: USA
Data recensione: 05/12/2019

Welcome to Tropea. Here on the Coast Of The Gods, you have found the native realtor who knows this city like none other. You will never feel pressure to buy or make a decision that is uncomfortable.

Cristian will show you properties that he has confidence in their condition so that you can enjoy the experience without worry. Cristian stays by your side through the entire process. Coming from America without Italian language skills is not a problem as Cristian speaks English.

His attention to detail will make the most important transaction of one’s life seem as controlled as possible. Afterward, Cristian has even helped us with paying utilities, setting up auto-payment, navigating local bureaucracy and even helping us to enroll in a free Italian language school.

If you should want to personalize your new treasure, Cristian will refer you to trusted and skilled craftsmen and point out the shops that fit your budget. How’s that for excellent customer service?!? Grazie mille Cristian!! Allisa Imming , Washington U.S.A. e-mail: allisa.imming@gmail.com